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Steps To Create And Attach Google Map For Your Classified Ad


1. Go to and Sign In using your Google account.

  2. Search for your country name so that the map points to your country.  

  3. Click on the approximate location of the city and press the + symbol in the top left corner of the map to make it zoom  

  4. Drag the map with mouse so that your location is in the centre.  
  5. Click on "My Maps" just below the Google logo in top left corner. If you do not see this link, login to Google first. Then you will see the "My Maps" link  
  6. Click on "Create new map" link just below the "My Maps" link.  

  7. Specify a title and description for your Map in the space shown on the left side.  
  After you specify the title and description, press the SAVE button (Do not press the "DONE" button yet).  
  8. Keep clicking on the + symbol until it is zoomed enough to see the small roads and streets. When you can see the centre location of your desired location, click on the "place mark" button in the top left corner of the map. Then move around the mouse and click on specific location in the map that you are mainly interested.  When you click anywhere, it will give you the option to provide a title.  
  10. After you specify  locations in the map, SAVE it using the SAVE button in the left bar.  
  11. To get the URL of the map, click on the "Link" in the top right area of the map. You can find the LINK just above the buttons "MAP", "Satellite" and "Terrain".  
12. When you click LINK, you will see a dialog with 2 options. Copy the link from the "Paste link in email or IM" portion. and "Paste HTML to embed in website".
  13. Click on area where "<iframe  width .." is written. On clicking the area it will turn to blue background. Now click  
  this area with right button of your mouse. A small screen will appear where you should click on copy.  

  14. Now open your Classified Ad to modify. Right click with your mouse in the area of Google Map Code and click on the "paste". You will see the area will be filled by text similar to  " <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0"  ... "  
  15. Now save your Classified Ad data.   
  16. View your Classified Ad by entering your Ad No. at the home page of this site.  
  17. You can also add photo or movie to your Google Map. Click this link to learn more.



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