Who is sick ?

Any of the following symptoms suggest the presence of some deep-rooted chronic disease that has not yet started destroying body cells. People generally don't take them seriously or rather they never consider them to be something wrong.

A sick individual finds it difficult to perform normal day to day activities. They can't stick to a job or place. They are never at rest. While reading any important article, misses several sentences.

Proud, haughty and faultfinding. She walks like a queen, her head turned away from all people around her, as they all seem far too beneath her dignity. Can't tolerate insult, weeps for hours.

Cries out during sleep. Wakes frightened. Afraid of police without any reason. Must move feet constantly, even when asleep. Extreme hunger at 11 A.M.

01   They whistle and sing in company even though they know that it is against decency.

02   Talking during sleep.

03   Sinking sensation after meals. Especially after breakfast or lunch.

04   Afraid to ascend stairs.

05   Fear people. Fears to talk loud.

06   Never a smile on face.

07   Disliked by family members and society.

08   Remains irritable and use uncivilized language mostly in presence of apposite gender.

09   Habit to speak lie and likes bad society with no respect to family members.

10   Inclination to find fault in others.

11   Can't complete refreshing sleep within 7 to 8 hours and has to sleep more than once in a day.

12   Can't sit in a same position for five minutes while closing eyes.

13   Can't remain hungry for few extra hours.

14   On waking up does not know what to answer. Senselessness as if intoxicated.

15   Becomes too angry, if misunderstood.

16   Anger from least contradiction.

17   Aversion to music.

18   Confused. Asks a question and without waiting for answer, asks another.

19   Fear of death when alone.

20   Inclination to cheating with constipation.

21   Violent with red-blooded eyes. Tears the clothing, bites and strikes, kicks away things.

22   Fear of dogs. Cannot bear solitude and darkness, must have company. Sees ghosts, hear voices. Calls things by wrong names. Great fear of persecution for crimes which are never done.

23   When about to out for any important work, mind brings on a nervous diarrhea.

24   Body temperature always just above normal which is never noticed.

25   All downward motion brings on a kind of shudder.

26   As if body scattered into pieces.

27   Will not use razor as if he can't control cutting his throat.

28   Wants to take bath several times in a day. Washes hands after touching any thing.

29   Disposition to find fault with every thing and every body. Irritable, quarrelsome, vindictive. On slightest contradiction will hit the person with any thing in hand. Officers generally throw away files at the juniors.

30   Fear of evening.

31   Depression during thunder storm.

32   Cannot finish a sentence as forgets what he was saying.

33 Makes mistake of spelling of most common words. Omits parts of words. Even interchanges charters of his own name. Can not read what he writes. Can not add up simple numbers.

34   Patches of skin with loss of sensation.

35   Different types of vertigo.

36   Headache due to taking ice cream.

37   Falling of hair from eyebrows.

38   Falling of eyelashes.

39   Nodules on the eyelids.

40   Noises in the ears when chewing.

41   Smell of eggs causes nausea and vomiting.

42   Smell of cooking causes nausea.

43   Vertigo from smell of flowers.

44   Not feeling better from 4 to 8 p.m.

45   Sleepy during 11 A.M.

46   Face shining as if greased.

47   Breath offensive after meals or in the morning.

48   Breath offensive in the evening or night.

49   Breath offensive in girls at puberty.

50   Putrid odor from mouth.

51   Keeps mouth open during sleep.

52   Constant desire to spit.

53   Everything including water tastes bitter.

54   Separation of gums from teeth.

55   Vigorous appetite but a few mouthfuls is enough.

56   No thirst.

57   Craving for cold food that is vomited as soon as it becomes hot in the stomach.

58   Desire to pass urine on seeing running water.

59   Cannot pass urine in the presence of other persons.

60   Involuntary urination during sleep.

61   Involuntary escape of urine on sneezing or coughing.

62   Stool hard and knotty like sheep dung.

63   Stool hard and lumpy causing fissures.

64   Constipation with no urging for stool.

65   Likes to lean backwards to pass stool.

66   Involuntary stool while urinating.

67   Stools occur immediately the head is washed.

68   Involuntary stools during sleep.

69   Public hair destroyed by offensive sweat.

70   Leucorrhoea in little girls.

71   Leucorrhoea instead of menses.

72   Irregular menses.

73   Likes cold bath even in coldest winter.

74   Cramps in hands when writing.

75   Cracks at end of fingers and on the back of hands.

76   Patches of skin blackish, bluish, yellow, red or white milky.

77   Blister on skin on slightest pressure.

78   Skin greasy, oily especially on hairy parts.

79   Skin peels of hands.

80   Body temperature always just above normal especially in the morning on waking up from bed. Temperature is generally between 98.5 to 99.5 F with foul smelling stools.

81   Warts on or about the genitals.

82   Warts of face hand or eyes.

83   Ingrown of toe nails. Nails deformed.

84   White spots on nails.

85   Pain in heels.

86   Any trouble worse by motion.

87   Any trouble worse by rest and better by motion.

88   Better from doing something ( mental diversion )

89   Fear strangers.

90   Deep sadness after explosive laughter.

91   One moment extreme irritable next moment extreme sympathetic and loving. Thrashes and kisses her child several times in a day.

92   Involuntary biting of lower lip when eating.

93   Involuntary biting of cheek when eating.

94   Involuntary biting tongue during sleep.

95   Breathing fast and difficult especially on going a few steps upstairs.

96   Sensation of face growing large.

97   Thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals.

98   Warts at back of head.

99   Warts on the palms.

100   Warts on back of hands.

101   Loss of weight or excessive weight without any apparent cause.

102   Great sensitive of the surface of the body with intolerance to touch and light pressure. Even can't stand tight collars on the neck. Suspects everyone.

103   Sensation of a piece of ice, lying on back between shoulders, which causes shivering.

104   Highly intelligent but physical condition is not in keeping with their mind. They will go a long way to pick a quarrel with neighbors. They prefer to dominate even life partner. Heated arguments with the life partner, mostly between 4 to 8 PM. Addicted to masturbation. Mostly suffers with dyspepsia, constipation, piles, diabetes. Unsuccessful matrimonial life leads to divorce.

All the symptoms mentioned here are in fact associated with some suppressed diseases that are waiting to strike. These symptoms are generally not given much attention by most of us. They are the real warning signals that any individual can notice. Proper further complete medical checkup followed by immediate medication can save an individual from dangerous diseases like asthma, diabetes, different types of cancers, tumors, heart diseases and even AID and mesothelioma.