Who is sick ?

Where is the cure? 

Since the creator of the universe was also concerned to keep its creation healthy and perfect, it has gifted every living creature a complete curative system in the body. We all are familiar that a minor cut in the body gets healed automatically. If it was not so, any cure for any disease would have been completely impossible; and all living beings would have been perished long before we could have devised any cure. The present day curative systems succeed only when the body of an individual responds to that system. The body responds till it has its own life force. A healthy life force will help faster cure. A dead body, without a life force, never responses to any man made curative system. Thus, the real player is our own internal healing power that keeps our body healthy and fit. The man made curative arts do assist speedy recovery by creating favorable environment for our self-healing system. Majority of us continues to suffer as we fail to apply the proper modern technologies at an appropriate time. But, it is never too late as there is always a chance to save an individual till the last breadth. 

There are different procedures available for a lay man to adopt to get cured. The most common are allopathic, homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, meditation, ayurvedic, acupressure and acupuncture. Each of them has performed marvelous cures for some specific ailments for certain group of patients. And also, several patients remained disappointed from all of these curative systems. In fact, in many cases, these curative procedures have caused more harms due to ignorance of the patients. Many patients have gone poorer during costly treatments and have to lead much more miserable life after getting cured. Sometimes, even after spending huge money on treatments, the individual is not saved. So, a wise step, by the patient,  at the start of a disease, to choose the curative system, is most important. 

Almost, everyone has a faith in some kind of curative system. They continue to follow a treatment of their choice without knowing if there is a need to shift to another kind of treatment. The doctors too never suggest to discontinue their treatment. All these different kind of curative systems are like different type of army forces of navy, air force and ground force etc., but they do not have a any chief  adviser.

For a wise and most appropriate decision, which is mostly initiated by an individual in the initial stage of a disease, basic knowledge of characteristic symptoms of all ailments must be known. Generally a disease is recognized when it starts destroying important body organs. For example in case of brain tumors, formation of a tumor begins during several years in the past. In some cases a tumor begins during childhood days but is detected even after 50 years when it grows enough and starts pushing away important brain cells resulting in paralytic attacks. The tumor may be a result of minor head injury where blood got clotted to form a minute node just under the skull. In the beginning the sufferer may have been feeling occasional headaches or minute attacks of numbness at the extremities which are mostly ignored. During early stage of such tumors simple homeopathic medicines are found to be very helpful but at the advance stage surgery is the only alternative.

Thus, the first step to get cured is to know at the earliest if you are really sick. The second step is to find the best curative procedure for your specific ailment and the third step is to find the well-experienced doctor that you can afford to engage.

Masters of these different curative systems always favors their own profession. But, each of these curative sciences has their own limitations. A patient generally approaches one of them after getting influenced from friends or family members. Majority of people shifts from allopathic to homeopathy, homeopathy to naturopathy, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture and finally they land with the astrologers.

Most doctors of each curative science are more concerned to their own well-being and profits rather than the poor patients. They feel happier to see more patients at their clinics. Many of them are untrained, with forged certificates, and prescribe cheap duplicate drugs to get huge commissions from the drug manufacturers. Some even experiment new medicines on poor patients without their knowledge. It will not be out of place to mention here that a patient should avoid accepting any medicine from his own doctor and should insist on written prescription to get the medicine from another chemist. 

Most of the homeopathic doctors never give written prescriptions, not because they are testing some formula but they are generally not sure of a medicine in the beginning of the treatment. As the selection of a specific homeopathic medicine for a particular patient is a very complex and time taking procedure, the doctors continue hit and try till they find the right medicine and its potency. In homeopathic, a cure is possible by a single dose of proper potency.

Most of the patients suffer for not taking proper decision at the appropriate time. It is not the disease but the ignorance that is most harmful.

If to become a doctor one has to acquire necessary knowledge, a patient should also be intelligent enough to select the proper science of cure and well-experienced doctor. The body of an individual is a most complex system ever known to human beings and as such requires most careful handling. No body other than the individual can take best care to keep it fit. An individual should be intelligent enough to sense the symptoms of some impending disastrous disease and should be capable to select the right curative path. 

Mostly a disease begins long before it starts showing its painful symptoms. A patient never notices some diseases till the end of his life. Many symptoms are never recognized as a symptom of a harmful disease.