Who is sick ?

A healthy individual will not only lead a happy life but will also help others to enjoy the blessings of the nature.

The inconsistent talking without waiting to hear the other partner are symptoms of some malfunctioning body organs that may become the cause of divorce.

In homeopathy, an individual requiring 'sulphur' medicine is mostly untidy and never cares cleanliness and does not care to polish shoes. On the other hand an 'arsenic' patient likes every thing in order, frequently goes to a mirror to set hairs and most sensitive to public appearance. It is very difficult for these persons to lead a normal martial life if one has characteristic symptoms of sulfur and the other is of arsenic. Thus, when symptoms of any disease are suppressed by crude medication, the disease transfers itself to more harmful stage and takes the shape of characteristic mental symptoms.

In the beginning a few doses of homeopathy are enough to arrest the growth of dangerous diseases. But there is a major problem with homeopathic treatment. It is very difficult to find an honest, sincere and true physician. Most of them are too professional and will like looting their patients by unnecessarily extending the course of treatment even when they know single curative dose. They never disclose proper names of medicines to their patients fearing to loose them to other doctors. Many homeopathic medicines can prove to be more fatal if not taken in proper prescribed order and potencies. Many medicines are inimical to other medicines. Even shifting from homeopathy to allopathic can prove to be fatal. 

For example: A child suffering from diarrhea was given a homeopathic medicine for its cure. The medicine was supposed to slightly aggravate diarrhea within 24 hours of taking the medicine before a fast and permanent cure was to begin. The over busy doctor forgot to educate the parents about the aggravation stage, or he assumed that his visitors do have basic knowledge of homeopathic principles. During mid night when diarrhea of the child appeared to be deteriorating further, the anxious parents were left with no alternative but to take the child to a nearby allopathic hospital as the local homeopathic doctor was only available from 9 AM to 6 PM. To the surprise of allopathic doctors their well-tested medicines were not responding to cure the child. The child was put on glucose and more strong medicines along with some injections were used to control the disease. The doctors could control the diarrhea but the child started showing high palpitation of heart with very high pulse rate. The face started getting red swollen. And unfortunately, before they could diagnose the basic cause of strange new symptoms, the child died while giving few jerks to the extremities. 

The homeopathic medicines can prove to be more dangerous if not allowed to act freely once it has shaken the internal life force and started diverting life energy to a specific direction to expel negative force associated with disease. It is a great misconception that small sugar pills of homeopathic medicines are absolutely harmless with no side effects. In fact, these pill acts like gates of a great dam. These medicines directly hit at the central nervous system. Their action is instantaneous just like an electric switch or a gas lighter. Their action starts the moment our nervous system makes a contact with them mostly through our tongue. 

In case of previous example of diarrhea, the life force was directed in a particular direction but was blocked by crude allopathic medicines. Since this artificially modified force was having great potential to remain active for some more hours, it diverted its energy to unprotected weaker area of heart and aggravated its natural functions. The valves of the heart were not strong enough to sustain abnormal high blood pressure. The child may have died due to brain hemorrhage. So, before shifting to new treatment it is necessary to neutralize the effect of previous homeopathic medicine by proper antidote medicine. Many homeopathic medicines are inimical to other homeopathic medicines and require neutralization by proper antidotes before shifting to other medicine.