Who is sick ?

Homeopathic doctors should not hide the name of their medicine from their patients. Allopathic doctors too should be familiar with the effects of homeopathic medicines and should neutralize them before beginning new treatment. 

Homeopathy looks at the body as a trinity of three elements - the physical, the mind, and the vital force which coordinates between the two. 

While allopathic systems look only at the common physical symptoms of a disease that can be gauged and recorded by some scientific instrument. No doubt, it does have the support of modern scientific gadgets; still our present day technology could not help us understand the complete functioning of our brain. In fact, we have not yet learnt more than 5 % of a brain that is supposed to be a controlling centre of the entire physical body as well as the chronic diseases.

While allopathic is only concerned with the common symptoms of a disease, homeopathic looks at three things - the common symptoms, how the individual is responding to them and the constitution of the individual.