Who is sick ?

Each individual is a separate identity and different individuals react to the same cause separately. So during treatment it is the individual and not the cause that need to be given importance. 

Part of a brain is always busy to defend our body and to keep it fit. Sometimes it has to create some unpleasant and painful conditions to defend the body from some more disastrous conditions. During natural curative activities by the brain the body exhibits certain symptoms, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, pains, excessive sweating or urination etc. These unpleasant symptoms are due to the reactions of brain to defend the body from some more complicated diseases. Thus fever is produced to kill germs that cannot grow at high temperature, vomiting or diarrhea is produced to empty and clean the bowels, pain is to divert more blood to the affected part etc. These unpleasant symptoms also serve as warning signals to an individual so that faulty living conditions that have created the painful symptoms are rectified at the earliest. 

Unless the causes that were responsible for the unhealthy state are removed, the diseased condition may go on getting more complicated and may transform to chronic diseases. The mismanaged chronic diseases by any crude and unscientific medication further creates a more complex problem where the brain starts adjusting to accept the complex disease and its associated crude medicines as its normal body function and requirements. And in some due course of time, the blue prints of entire activities of the deceased condition get registered in the genetic system to help it carry on to the next generation. 

Our intelligent system always takes a right decision even if it is painful to us. The intelligent system of an individual works in harmonic with the overall intelligent system of the universe and has to adjust with the bigger system. The genetic system, which is carried on from the previous generation, helps the next generation to adjust with the unhealthy conditions of the land where their ancestors were living. Thus the disease condition travels from generation to generation in a more microform which can be seen only in the form of characteristic mental symptoms and physical appearance. 

For example, some people will prefer to remain indoor and will dislike to meet the strangers and the other will be fond of traveling and making new friends. Excessive of both conditions can point to some deep scars left by their forefathers.