Read carefully for your work at home business

Internet is one of the most important source of generating money. There are unlimited resources suitable to every walk of life. Housewives, students, retired, handicapped and even working professionals across the world are making $100 to $8000 per month. But, unfortunately not all are lucky and many of them fail to earn even their first dollar. The worst part is that the money spent on computer and internet maintenance forces individuals to windup every thing before the beginning of next year.


Many have tried Google Adsense Ads on their blogs, Google sites or shared hosting sites. But majority of them never reached near the 100 $ minimum payment limit. There are some basic reasons that most of us ignore from the very beginning. Majority of people begins by reading paid emails and clicking on paid ads. In fact army of these clickers are responsible for placing many sites to top positions. Unfortunately, majorities of these hard working individuals are not able to collect their part of earnings, as by the time they are about to reach the minimum payouts limit, their accounts get banned.

The big companies that are gaining from their losses are using unfair tactics to exploit this scenario. In fact, many companies are just gaining by closing their old sites the moment a huge sum is due for payment to large members. These companies are generally maintaining several clone sites to keep their advertising business unaffected. It is not only the clickers that suffer but also the governments due to huge tax violations. We need some laws similar to anti Spam laws to stop this nuisance. Apart from this fact there are many more hurdles that need to be tackled for a successful home based Internet business. Only the active, intelligent and disciplined home based professionals are the real winners. Due to these facts, it becomes imperative to know the basic reasons of failures and their remedies. The following main reasons must be studied very carefully before any one begins the Internet based business.

There are several opportunities which include sites where you will get paid for surfing the traffic sites, reading email, opening a Home Page as start page of your browser, clicking on ad banners, playing games, listening to music and watching the movies. In almost all cases, you can make more money by getting referrals to these programs. In many cases you can't even reach the minimum limit of payouts without enough referrals.

Joining too many programs without knowing your capability to handle them is the biggest pitfall. Having joined so many programs, many people are not able to organize their working schedule and have to abandon all these programs due to lack of time.

Many lack basic knowledge of online marketing. As they don't know the essential marketing techniques, they get trapped by Spam laws and have to loose their Internet connection or face other unpleasant penalties.

Due to lack of proper computer knowledge, many become victims of virus attacks. Some of them do not even know how to copy files and take up backups. Just a few breakdowns of their PC followed by disk formatting by their local hardware engineer is enough reason of extreme frustration.

Many don't have patience to wait for results. Generally it takes about 2 to 8 months for reaching the minimum payouts . But many people jump from one program to another every fortnight and in the process end up with more than 150 programs. When they fail to carry on with all the programs, they are generally out of this business within 6 months.

Essential record keeping and proper analyzing of current programs is not carried out by majority of clickers. Many people lose their earnings by not sensing the health of a paying site. It is not difficult to sense the dying site as these sites start displaying more ads from their own members. They start displaying "do not click links" more frequently and with unfair intention so that they can deduct your hard earned money as penalties. There are sites that pay 1 cent for a click on their ads but deduct $ 50 for a single accidental wrong click. For such sites it is better to keep minimum balance by utilizing your locked up earnings to advertise by redemption. A weak site is likely to fade away within 3 to 6 months if it is not able to attract more than 2000 members. For a beginner, it is better to join a program with more than 10000 members as it gives a little guaranty.

In the end you should be clever enough to guard your earnings from spy-ware else your several months hard-earned money can vanish within a few seconds.