Gadgets for a guest book and hit counters

Are these counters not showing any display on your site?
These gadget remembers the URL of the page that contains it and starts displaying contents related to URL identity.
Please Note:
URL similar to :  and will be considered as same
URL similar to :  and will be considered as same
URL similar to :  and will be considered as different

Since the the source code of all the gadgets are available at site, which is a non secure site, users may see broken view of the gadgets at the secured sites represented by https.


This is due to the latest browsers settings. The content from HTTP sites is now being considered as insecure content. Insecure content served over HTTPS is blocked under the latest version of all the browsers.

Even though if the HTTPS site is protected by a SSL certificate, customers may still receive messages that the page they're viewing contains unsecured content if there are images or other elements that haven't been encrypted. When running many different plugins or a theme developed by a third-party, secured HTTPS will fail to display the required view and at the same time the browsers will offer an option to the user to unlock the security which otherwise should be under the primary control of HTTPS site developer. The worst is approaching as the latest version of chrome 21+ blocks all "mixed content" without the option to override it.


At present the HTTPS site owner has no provision to let any content displayed from his trusted HTTP sites on his HTTPS pages. The viewers of HTTPS sites are required to adjust their browsers settings to let the browsers display HTTP content on the HTTPS pages. Most of the users of these browsers are not aware of these latest security hurdles which block the display of HTTP content over the HTTPS pages.  In fact, the HTTPS site developers should have the authority to allow their trusted HTTP content over their HTTPS pages.  

The three main browsers namely IE, Firefox and Crome are competing to be smarter than the other. To be smarter from others they are adding some services which are undemocratic. If a site developer wishes his users to view all the mix contents, they are not required to behave like security guards. I hope some META tags for pages should be available where a developer can list the HTTP links that should not be blocked by any browser.  



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