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A person without any disease may still be not healthy 

Some time even when you don’t have any major or minor disease and there is no other cause to worry, you still feel that something is missing in you.  If you don’t feel better and have a feeling that some wrong is going to happen, you may be going to get the initial beginning of some famous disease. On the other hand, if you have started feeling better even when you are suffering with some well known disease, your disease may be going to vanish. So, most of people are mostly utilizing their time, money and energy to defend them selves from diseases that may not going to effect them. Many people, although having a healthy physical body, may not have reached the excellent wellness condition. In the excellent wellness condition it will not be possible for any one to make you angry and depressed. Your perfect wellness status and a feeling of deep happiness that keep you cool in day to day crises is the real test to know if you are really free form any malfunctions of your body.   It may be that many people including the top doctors have never experienced the real healthy life. A perfect healthy individual is very identical to the creator of this universe; and can cure the sick by a touch of hand. Every living creature is having a charge like vibrating field around their body and the status of the field shows the healthy condition of their body. The vibrating force of the aura of an individual gets influenced by a stronger aura of the another individual. So, it is not only the germs that carry the disease but also the defective aura of people around you.      


May be, the person sitting by your side was Ghost


Who is sick?

Sickness need not be always associated with the well-defined names of several diseases. The names of diseases are in fact the labels for different magnitude of damages that already have occurred due to well grown disease.  In fact, the sign of a disease, that may strike, can be traced from the characteristic behavior of an individual.


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