Google gadget display issue

In some cases the Google gadget does not show up as per assigned width and height display settings. The main image that should remain in the centre, shifts to left and some extra undesirable white area appears on the right side of the main gadget.


The reason for above deformation is because the text "powered by Google" is not wrapping up to remain within the assigned width settings. Google designers should have considered this issue. However, the people using these gadgets can also do a little modification at their own sites to remove these ugly deformations.  The trick is to place the gadget code within an extra HTML table of smaller width ( say 50 pixels ).The table will force that text to  wrap.


To remove such extra scrolling bar increase gadget display height in the iframe or google code.

You can also use independent scripts for the page hit counters

Copy above code and paste in your web page
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For advance programmers
Use these xml files of page hit counters