Dengue and malaria protection

Millions have died by dengue and malaria which is caused by mosquito. 

The mosquito frequents backyards in search of containers holding water inside and outside the home. Any item that holds water for an extended period will provide a mosquito breeding site.

The dengue mosquito does not fly very far, so if you get rid of mosquito breeding sites around your home, you will significantly reduce your risk of being bitten by dengue mosquitoes.

Even this simple act of getting rid of mosquito breeding water spots can not be achieved for a vast country land, especially during monsoon period. 

I am suggesting here a new idea that can control mosquito growth by allowing them to lay eggs but to trap the new born mosquito.

This new and simple technology can be used within a home, office or in open space like gardens.

If this system can be further modified so that it can be attached on the lover base of a vehicle, it can cover most of the area like your garage or company parking space.

The idea is very simple as explained in the diagram. 

1.      A funnel is to be fixed over a small water container.

2.      Lover end of the funnel to be kept of 2 mm diameter only.

3.      Container to fill with water as shown in the fig.

If these types of containers are kept in some isolated places, the mosquito will lay their eggs over the open surface of water in the funnel. The eggs will go down to the base of the water container. But the new born mosquito will remain trapped in the upper space of the container.