SPY may be watching  your computer activities !


It is not so easy to survive your Internet business. There are highly educated thieves that may take away all our earnings by gathering your information and activity without your knowledge. Spy software can record your keystrokes as you type them, credit card numbers, passwords, your surf activities, chat logs, and can take random screenshots of your computer screen. You do not have to be necessarily connected to the Internet to be spied upon. 

They can gather your information in some hidden file in your computer while you are working off line and can e-mail that hidden file to their master the moment you get connected to the Internet. They are getting smarter day by day and include techniques to avoid detection by popular anti-spy software. They can even counter-attack anti-spy packages by attempting to break their use. The worst part is that they can even completely wipe out your anti-spy system and can pretend to be your original anti-spy system, which will continue to display dummy messages to make you believe that your computer is perfectly healthy and clean. They can even get re-installed from some hidden location of your computer after they have been detected and removed. There are Malware, A Trojan horse, worm or a virus could be classified as Malware. They use routines to re-install the spy ware application after it has been detected and removed.

A lot of free or pirated software can be the main carrier for virus and spy software. 

You can check if you are being spied upon.

If you are working in some organization, your employer may have installed some monitoring software to record your activities since they have the right to know if you are really faithful to your assigned duties. It is better to use your personal computer for your personal activities. 

Many spy software will overload system resources. Watch out if your system is running out of memory, unusual lot of hard disk activity. Slowness of key board response. That is, when you are clicking any key, the character takes a little longer time to show up on your monitor. Some times you can notice that your computer screen is "flickering". The flickering activity may indicate that some spy software program is busy in taking snapshots of your computer screen that requires system resources.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security after you have installed any anti-spy software as there is no such thing as 100% foolproof protection.

It is better to use personal firewall. Firewalls alert you to both inbound and outbound traffic. Watch for programs trying to send data out of your system.