Soon, a drug that can help treat obesity, anorexia

London: In a pioneering research, scientists have defined the structure of a key part of the human obesity receptor — an essential factor in the regulation of body fat.

    A team at the University of Sheffield says its research, published in the Structure journal, could pave the way for new treatments for the complications of obesity and anorexia and will enhance the ability to generate drugs which can both block and stimulate the receptor for obesity hormone leptin.

    This could have life-changing effects on people suffering from complications of obesity and malnutrition.

    In fact, they have solved the challenging crystal structure of the leptin-binding domain of the obesity receptor using state of the art X-ray crystallography, helping them to work out how to block or stimulate the receptor.

    Blocking the receptor, and therefore the excessive actions of leptin, could prevent the complications of obesity and stimulating the receptor may improve fertility and the immune response.

    “This pioneering research gives us the potential to generate new drugs that could treat conditions and diseases associated with obesity such as Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes and heart disease.


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