What makes a good business leader? Feeling of guilt


    Scientists claim to have finally found the clues to what makes a good business leader — the feeling of guilt.

    Researchers at Stanford University found that people who feel guilty tend to carry a strong sense of responsibility to others, which in turn makes others see them as leaders. Becky Schaumberg, who led the study, said, “If people feel guilty toward their organizations, they’ll behave in ways that make sure they live up to the firm’s expectations.”

    “These behaviours might not look like what we usually think of as guilt,” Schaumberg was quoted as saying by BusinessNewsDaily.

    As part of the study, the researchers took personality tests of groups of strangers, measuring traits, including guilt proneness, shame proneness and extraversion.

    Then the researchers put each group in a lab and, without designating a leader, had them perform two group tasks, such as outlining a marketing campaign for a new product.

    In all of the groups, those who were most likely to be judged by others as the group’s leaders also scored highest in guilt proneness on the personality test.


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