Now, you can ride a bicycle at 80kmph


    London: Imagine a sophisticated bicycle that matches the speeds of a bike with just the press of a button.

    Well, your fantasy has now become a reality — thanks to an incredible new e-bike by a auto manufacturer.

    The new e-bike Worthersee, built on motor racing design principles, has every possible gadget that you could ever need just like a Formula 1 car. Perhaps the most helpful feature is an electric motor to help rest those tired legs of the rider. But this isn’t just any electric motor, it can help build speeds up to 80km per hour, the Daily Mail reported.
    According to its developers, a cyclist can choose between a total of five modes, including the pure muscle power mode, the electric motor alone, or pedalling supported by the motor.

    In the ‘Pure’ mode, the drive power is purely the product of the cyclist’s legs, while in ‘Pedelec’ mode you are aided by the electric motor that then makes speeds of up to 50 mph.

    If you select ‘eGrip’, the ebike Worthersee runs solely on the electric motor and can reach a top speed of 31 mph. The cyclist then controls forward momentum using a gripshift and can configure power as desired using the touchscreen onbike computer.

    The cyclist can also hook up to the computer using a smartphone. For those looking to record tricks, video images recorded via the in-helmet camera can be uploaded to the internet in real time via your smartphone.

    Facebook status reports also pop up on the Audi e-bike Worthersee display.