Woman in UK watched lover in Delhi slash himself to death over 10 hours

19-04-2012 - Cops Broke Into S Delhi Flat, But It Was Too Late

New Delhi/London: This bizarre death-watch occurred across continents 11,000km apart over four months back, but few knew about it until now. A British automobile consultant slashed his throat and wrists in his rented Green Park flat in south Delhi while his girlfriend watched in horror on Skype from Reading in the UK.

    The consultant, was video-chatting with his partner, when he suddenly slashed himself with a broken glass.

    Speaking for the first time about the shocking experience at an inquest on the death in Oxford, UK, She said that she had informed the British police which, in turn, alerted Delhi Police via the British High Commission, but at the end of it all, her partner could not be saved and she was left watching helplessly for more than 10 hours as He bled to death.

    Delhi Police confirmed the death. It said the police had rushed to the flat with paramedics on November 27 after being alerted but they could not enter as He did not open the door. The Oxford inquest was told that Indian laws, unlike British laws, prevented police from breaking into the flat.

    The Delhi Police version is different. It said policemen had reached the flat even before the high commission alert because a neighbour called up to say Rowland was throwing things about inside his house and something seemed wrong. A police officer had knocked on the door but He told him to “go away”.