This XML file is giving error !
Google map API key version V3 and AdSense ads: different options  
Issue of AdSense ads on google map using API key for version V3.  See page source of this page.
Using the following script....
script src="">

Without adsense Library

With adsense Library

If the API key for version V3 is used, the AdSense ads stops appearing.
If the key is not used, it displays the map as well as the AdSense ads.
If i don't use ( ....
libraries=adsense.... ), AdSense ads stops appearing.
As per the rule, the map should not work without the API key.

I will like to use the assigned API key without blocking the AdSense ads.
Can any body suggest the  necessary corrections  required?

Solved. Thanks for guidance.
Issue of is solved at
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The ASP script is being used only to get the user location and insert part of the scripts