Show similar countdown of days for any event



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Follow these steps:

You can place a countdown to your web-page. It can be easily set up to count down to your favorite cricket, football game, help track baby's due date or anything . It can also keep you update as to how many days ago did you last water the plants? Service the car? etc. This gadget will require you to enter the event name and date. It will get the present date from the user's local computer. So, the user from any country will get the number of days left or passed as per their local time clock.

  Follow the following steps to get the code for this gadget.
1 Enter event time.
2 Click on a button as per your choice for Days Remaining/Days until/Days to go/Days Since
3 Enter the event name.
4 Click on SUBMIT button
5 Copy and paste the code to your web-page
  Once you will click on submit button, nine different scripts will get filled up on the left side of the sample numbers shown below. To view the gadget that these scripts will display, click on 'Show it' on the left side of any script. In case you will like to modify your input details, click the SUBMIT button again after revising the input detail.
Event Time:
Year Month day
Click Button for Option:
Days Remaining Days until Days until Days to go Days Since  
  (Horizontal) (Vertical)      
Event Detail:
     Click [ SUBMIT ] again if you have revised above details.
  You will see your code below.
Click here to view
Click here to view
Click here to view
Click here to view
Click here to view
Click here to view 5
Click here to view 5
Click here to view   9
Click here to view   8
You may need to change the value of height of iframe to fit the space

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