Steps to insert Gadget for your guest book

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You can use guest book gadget for an open guest book or for an password protected guest book. If you use it as an open guest book, any body can see the guest book entries. And for a password protected guest book only the site owner can see the guest book entries. To use it as an open guest book, get code for this gadget without disturbing the display settings and gadget settings. For a password protected guest book, replace gadget settings by your own new settings as explained below:

Get registered and place a Free Classified Ad at www.replyat.com. You will get an Ad No. similar to"11739153". Enter your Ad No in the gadget settings.
Replace value of "Module Page Location" by the URL path of the web page where you will insert your gadget.
Get code for this gadget and insert it in your web page.
The gadget will be visible as shown below:

To get code for this gadget click here To get code for this gadget click here
To create above gadget for your site, you will need your Ad No and URL of the webpage where you will like to place your gadget. The URL of the webpage containing the gadget will serve as homepage for www.replyat.com till you are using this site (replyat.com)  through your gadget. You can also give any other URL address to take your visitors back to your site after they write your guest book. The logo of replyat.com will also get replaced by the logo of your Classified Ad. You can upload your logo for your Classified Ad at www.replyat.com.
  Please Note: The URL of the webpage should be a complete URL address. Example: http://www.replyat.com/intro.htm
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