Dangerous Astrology !


If you know that it is going to rain, you may take your umbrella with you. Some may need sunglasses and some require more woollens during winter. The effect of mighty Sun forces us to organize our living style even if we don't believe in astrology.

In fact, not only the Sun but also each planet of the universe does have some influence on the living souls. The ancient Rishis could develop some relationship statistically associated with life events of an individual with the position of the nearby planets.

Majority of people believe that everything is predestined and they can not alter any thing but still they worship God with a hope that, in their case, some concession can be made. The perfect hope of an individual can stimulate the glands of the brain in such a way that they produce valuable fluids of hormones and chemicals, which help neutralise bad effects of the rays from unfriendly planets. The word "GOD" works even if we don't know actual God. So, the hope is the greatest weapon to achieve your dream goals. Even the people with incurable diseases are surviving longer than expected, whereas the healthy are likely to suffer from heart attacks due to depression as a result of dwindling hopes. The effect of the power of your hope is not limited to your own body but it can influence your surroundings too as you are a part of this universe. 

If you are the part of this universe (nature), the nature (GOD) can not be so cruel to you. You just need to be at the right place at the right time. To find this unique condition you need to take more chance. And for a better chance, astrology can be of great help.

It is necessary to know that astrology indicates trend and not certainties. For if we cannot say with certainty what is in store for us in future, then there is scope to improve our destiny. The only thing is that we need to know what to do, when to do and how to do. Don't believe in astrology blindly but don't ignore it totally, as it can not be worse than a weather forecast.

In the end, do believe in God even if you don't hope to find Him as you are bound to get some credits during the act of surrender. The act of surrender is similar to sleep which must happen to refresh your soul. Also, don't approach the God with your demands as you may be again in the queue to get your fulfilled demand cancelled since it may create more complications. Just ask for peace and let God decide what is best for you. Life is too short to know yourself. Don't let it go waste in search of irrelevant demands. Try to know what to do, when to do and how to do. Astrology may be of some help during the confused period of life.

The structure of your brain is not different from that of the great personalities like Newton, Buddha, Nanak, Gandhi etc. You need to utilize its tremendous powers like a skilled pilot who makes the best use of his all navigational tools. Remember - you are what you eat. It is your hormones that control your body and destiny.