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Top 10 most-popular searches of 2009

1. michael jackson 2. transformers 3. eminem 4. naruto shippuden 5. beyonce 6. peliculas id

7. paranormal activity 8. anime online 9. natasha richardson 10. poker face lyrics

No. 1: Michael Jackson,   The King of Pop lands the number one spot for Bing, Google and Yahoo. It's the only search term to receive the same ranking on all three sites this year.

No. 2 "The Twilight Saga",  The social networking site comes in second for Google searches.
Stephenie Meyer's hit vampire books and the related movie adaptations came in second on Yahoo.

No. 3: Tuenti, The "Spanish Facebook," as this Madrid-based social networking site is often called, comes in number three on Google's worldwide searches.

No. 4: WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment takes the third spot on Yahoo.

No. 5: Sanalika, The online role playing site from Turkey comes in fifth place on Google.

No. 6: Naruto, The Japanese comic series, with related movies, books and video games, was the sixth most popular search term for Yahoo.

No. 7: Lady Gaga, The pop singer known for her elaborate productions and kooky outfits comes in seventh on Google.

No. 8: "American Idol", A close finale between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, plus the news of Paula Abdul's departure from the judges' table, launched the competition show to seventh place on Yahoo.

No. 9: Torpedo gratis, The free SMS download took the last spot on Google's top 10 list.

No. 10: RuneScape, The free MMORPG (that's massively multiplayer online role-playing game for those in the dark) takes the number 10 spot on Yahoo.



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