How recruitment system works?


  How it works ?


The job seekers are required to enter their brief resume under the "JOB SEEKERS " link. They can also link their detailed resume in any desired format.



The vacancy advertisers are required to enter a brief introduction of their organization under the FREE AD SECTION.  They can advertise any number of vacancies.


The vacancy advertisers are required to enter the details of their vacancy by selecting the option "VACANCY ADVERTISER TO ENTER OR MODIFY VACANCY DETAILS" under the RECRUITMENT section. They will also be required to enter the main email contents that they will like to send to the short listed applicants. They can mention if it will be a walk in interview or otherwise. They can keep the name of their organization confidential.



On entering the vacancy details, the concerned organization will get an email message to inform them about the Vacancy No allotted to their vacancy advertisement.



The job seekers can view vacancies by using the option "DISPLAY VACANCIES". They will be able to link their resumes to any suitable vacancies. 


The vacancy advertisers will be able to see the  resumes of respondents  to further short list the applicants. 


The vacancy advertisers  will be able to send their email  contents, which they have already stored  along with the vacancy details,  to any suitable candidate by just clicking in the checkboxes.


The short listed candidates will receive the email messages as per the action of S. No. 7.


The job seekers can also see the responses for  interviews through the link CALL ALERTS.