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National Research Development Corpn. of India


Shri I. Rishiraj,

22 JAN 1980


61, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar -III,

NEW DELHI-110024

Sub" Surgery under pressure"



Please refer to your application for prize award on the above subject. Since the device has not been made or tested, it does not qualify for prize award.

However, your interest in creative pursuits is appreciated and it is expected that the same will be continued.

It may kindly be noted that this decision of the Corporation is final. In view of the same, the case is closed at our end.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
--Signature --
( R. Krishnan )
Senior Electrical Engineer

On receiving this letter I met Mr. Krishnan and requested him for necessary  help to get the prototype developed.

He directed me to make the complete cost plan with the approval of some senior doctor from any Govt. hospital. 

When I suggested him that  it will be more appropriate if they  can take up the matter themselves as preparation of cost plan etc will require experts familiar with market resources, he replied that we don't provide such type of assistance.

I further stressed that I don't need any monetary benefits  or prize etc but will be too pleased to see it working with my name as the inventor. The Govt can own this invention as a national property and can utilize some resources to test its validity. It may need some more technical improvements but with every invention the beginning is always the way we invented the airplanes. In case the logic proves to be correct, we can open sensitive parts of the body like brain for longer periods, even for a month or so. We can also test it under water pressure where the surgeons will work in a water chamber. It will help the opened part of the body to remain in its natural state  and prevent blood clotting by using some anti clogging solvents in the water chamber. Initially we can experiment it with animals. We can see how  more longer periods it is possible to open the skull or other sensitive parts. 

Do you feel a single man like me can develop working model and conduct  such experiments on animals without legal protection? 

Is it not a kind of project to be completed with the support of experts from different fields? 

Don't you feel that this project can be better evaluated by persons with physics background rather than the Doctors?

Do you not feel that there is some hurdle between an inventor and your organization?

If you have not rejected the idea out rightly and felt the need of a working prototype  and when I have expressed my inability to do the same, you can use your resources to get develop its working model.

He expressed his helplessness due to shortage of staff. 

I said, so this case is closed because I can't develop the working model and you don't have enough staff.

He said, Mr. Rishiraj you see I am also a Govt employee like you and I don't wish to do more than my assigned duties. You may be also pushing your official files to next table to clear up your work load. 

I said, Ok Sir. thanks for all this discussion. I am sorry for wasting your precious time.

When I was about to leave his room, he asked me to wait as he is going to tell me a small story. He told me the following story:

Once a man wanted to take his donkey in the church. He was not allowed. The man never gave up. When ever there used to be heavy rain, he waited with  his donkey close to the wall of the church. Once the wall collapsed when it was raining. He immediately carried his donkey in the church. 

So, Mr. Rishiraj, wait for the wall to collapse. 

He laughed... Ha Ha Ha

We could have saved them

Wednesday, July 9, 2003 -Singapore: Neurosurgeons separated the 29-year old Iranian twins born joined at the head, after two days of delicate surgery, but both sisters died  shortly after their parting. Laden Bijani died 90 minutes ahead of her sister Lelah with both death occurring because of blood loss, said hospital officials. 

We could have saved them by surgery under pressure.

I. Rishiraj

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