Is any one there? You can join alien hunt.

We're searching for interesting signals coming from the Kepler Field. Will we find life on another planet?

The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute is asking the public to join in its hunt for life beyond the Earth.

    It says anyone can register on the new website, SETI Live (, to help analyse data from SETI’s radio telescope devoted to scanning the heavens for signals from ET.

    “There are parts of the spectrum where our sophisticated signal processing system is overwhelmed because there are so many signals,” said astronomer Jill Tarter, director of the SETI Institute’s Center for SETI Research.

    “I’m hoping to put together this army of citizen scientists to help figure out which signals to follow up on,” Tarter stated.

    In contrast to some other crowd-sourced science projects, such as SETI’s own SETI@Home, which rely on users donating spare computer time to data crunching,