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Protect your files from virus

It is always not possible to get rid of all types of latest virus. You should be ready with the latest backups of your important files.

Back up essential files on regular basis.

Make periodic backup copies of primary hard disk (generally C drive) on another hard disk configured in your PC. This will be helpful in case your primary hard disc fails due to corruption of system files or due to any hardware failure. Disable your secondary hard disc once you have created your backup. You can disable or enable your second hard disk through your system settings. Make at least 4 backup files in rotation. You will be making backup along with your system registry and by using the option to replace all old files.  As it may take about one hour to make a complete backup, select an option for unattended backup.  

If you are doing some serious business, you should create your backups on daily basis. The best time is your lunch time when you can spare your PC.

Be very careful to open e-mail attachments.

An e-mailed virus or worm can send a copy of itself to everyone a user knows. If you open a file attached to e-mail, even from someone you know, you are always taking a risk, however small.

Prepare an emergency system boot disk

Once you have checked for viruses, create a system boot disk, and keep it write-protected. You may need it to restore your backup from your secondary hard disc when your primary hard disc fails. In worst case you may have to format your complete "C" drive and reload your operating system before you could restore your files form your backup available on the secondary hard disc.

Remember - Prevention is better than cure.
1. Obtain software only from trusted sources.
2. Use a safe Web browser and e-mail client.
3. Install anti-virus software, and keep it updated.
4. Scan all newly-obtained disks, programs, and files.
5. Make a regular scan of your hard discs.



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