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Why a divorce ?

Discovering impotence even after marriage could be a  ground for divorce.

Medical experts say, sometimes impotence is temporary. Activists say the law is lacking in many aspects.
This might promote illigal relation before marriage, rendering the law redundant because if you prove impotent before marriage, the marriage may not take place.


There are also some other factors. Biologically, women become sexually inactive at a certain age or due to certain biological conditions.


Should a man divorce his wife after being in marriage for 30 years just because she has reached menopause. Marriage is sometimes for companionship and comfort.



Rev. Fr. Larry Kanyike, the Chaplain of St. Augustine Chapel, Makerere University says if a man is discovered to be impotent before marriage, the marriage never takes place.

So divorce over impotence cannot arise. You must stay together and uphold the marriage vows in good and bad. Marriage is for better or for worse.

Kanyike says if a couple seeks to separate, the only way they can do that is through facing a marriage tribunal which has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the couple never met the conditions of marriage.

If they were married by a cleric, they cannot divorce because at the time they are wed, the two would have been deemed to have met all the marital conditions.

Pastor Martin Ssempa thinks the clause is like scratching where it is not itching. He argues that impotence is not the major problem in the country or the major cause of divorce.

“We just have radical women activists whose relationships are in chaos. Their marriages have fallen apart and they are pushing for unrealistic laws to kill the institution of marriage. How do you prove that a man is impotent?” Ssempa says someone should not break up a family because of impotence because an erectile dysfunction can be temporary.