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If you advertise at any print media and display your similar Ad here, people can immediately view extra details along with images, movie which otherwise will be very expensive or even not possible by the news paper Ads. Lot of people are placing their matrimonial Ads and other classified Ads in the news papers. Now a days people are also displaying their Ads on web sites. Both advertising methods have their own limitations. Print media is too costly and localized as compared to internet marketing. Web advertising is even available free. But, Ads displayed on web sites are not easily traceable. 

The ReplyAt.com is like a bridge between the two advertising media. It helps harness all the benefits of both the media.

If people can retrieve extra details on their mobiles, Android or PC while reading a news paper classified, it will give a great advantage to the advertiser. 

The PC based section of the site is also for job seekers and job providers. Once you have created a Classified Ad for your business,  Advertise your vacancies and process resumes by our most efficient recruitment system.

There are people who has nice ideas. They can display their contents and get comments and suggestions from the public.

They can receive comments/suggestions from the public by displaying a newspaper Ad.



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  Example: ReplyAt.com? 9211223344 (your mobile no). This hints public to contact you on your mobile or see details of your Ad at this website.  
  Example: ReplyAt.com/4444  Or www.ReplyAt.com/carforsale  Or  ReplyAt.com/AK47 etc.  
Sample use of friendly names for a matrimonial Ad in the news paper >>>   Here Mobile No. is used as this site's Ad No. Advertiser can show more details along with photo on this site. The readers of news paper can immediately view extra details on their mobile browsers.
Boy wanted for Veg, Brahmin 27 / 5' 6" PG MED 1st Year. Caste no bar. Ring or View  ReplyAt.com? 9811100111
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  These mini Ads can be pasted at the back glass screen of your vehicle for maximum exposure or at the location related to Ad. For example, if some one is selling a house, a mini leaflet similar to the one sown below will help a person to provide complete details so that only serious clients will ring up for further negotiations.   

This house is for sale

FindDetail.com? 6996

Wanted Driver

ReplyAt.com? 1166

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